What if you had awesome branding all ready to go in less than a day for any of your businesses or products?

All the tools & training you need to create the colors, fonts & more for your business from scratch, without any fluff. 

(And no design experience necessary!)

With 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand, "I need to figure out my brand colors & fonts" is no longer an excuse to keep you from your dreams!

You'll learn how to build & define your branding so you can confidently push any product or service out into the world with just 90 minutes of training!

Any of this sound familiar?

You're not a "visual" person & struggle with how your brand should look.
You've been trying to DIY your brand, but you can't stop second-guessing & tweaking.
Gosh, there are just so many choices! How does one decide?!
You wish a brand fairy would just come down and tell you the right choices!


  • Know the RIGHT choices to make in your branding!
  • Create your own brand by yourself (because who knows your biz better than you?!), saving you thousands on a designer!
  • Have your branding done in less than a day with no need to wait for initial designs & revision requests from a designer!
  • ​Give you a brand-building framework that would allow you to create a new brand look anytime you needed it!


Well, picture me with wings, you guys, because I designed this mini-course to do all that  & more for you!


  • Learn what different colors can say about your brand & how to create the perfect palette!
  • Learn that fonts are secretly saying things to potential clients & how to pick the right pairing for your brand!
  • Dive into the 3 elements of any brand!
  • ​Learn how to use the FREE software, Canva, to create all the branding you'll ever need!
  • ​Learn how to create a brand that INSTANTLY ATTRACTS the RIGHT people!

Look, I GET it.  I've BEEN THERE.

I couldn't stop fiddling with my branding. And what I finally realized - after FINALLY feeling like I had something I could commit to (even though something still felt off) - is that my branding was BORING potential clients & not leaving them fired up about working with me at all!!

I know you’re struggling with branding. You know you need a consistent brand look, but you don’t know where to start or if you’re making the right choices. You’re flip-flopping daily as your mood changes. You know that people are judging your website, your Instagram (if you have one), your brochure, your freebies, etc. and they are deciding to reach out or work with you simply based on how these things LOOK. 

If these things don’t look professional, if they don’t represent your business - you’ve lost potential clients and that means you’ve lost money. Heck, YOU might even cringe when you look at your branding. (Or you’re reading this going, “What branding?! I haven’t even STARTED!”)

But I PROMISE you’re not stuck there, and that you can be in an AMAZING & CONFIDENT place with your branding in less than a day.

What's up?!
I'm Liza Hippler, your personal brand fairy.

I’m a brand photographer, brand strategist & DIY brand educator. Basically, I help people rock the visual sides of their brand. I’m visually-minded & branding-obsessed & have been my whole life. I’ve been a photographer for over two decades and have won some cool awards. In the late 2000s, I started my own graphic design company - completely by DIY-ing my education. All of my current success as a brand photographer and visual brand strategist has come from years and years of learning to do it all myself. I’ve created branding for nine of my own companies and dozens of personal brands. I’m kind of a DIY branding master.

Early in coronavirus quarantine, I was asked to create a one-hour branding training for photographers. I wasn't sure I could do it all in an hour, but I tried my best (clocking in at 67 minutes). I was worried that short timeframe wouldn't work. But then, in the 3 days that this event was open, I got SO MANY messages & social shoutouts from people who were LOVING the training! Finding clarity, excitement and feeling like they could actually DO IT! 
(see testimonials below!)
I realized then, “Hey, I can help a TON of people if I create a course for EVERYONE.”  And that's how 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand was born.

90-Minutes to a Badass Brand is not intended to make you a graphic designer. You don't need all that!

It IS designed to give you the skills - and give you them FAST - that you need to create a cohesive brand that represents YOU, YOUR BRAND & SPEAKS TO THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE. 

No fancy design terms, no fluff, just simple, understandable, & actionable info. 
The same way I’ve taught myself these same things over the years, all bundled into one short mini-course.

This is what I want for you after you finish this training:

  • Have the skills to whip up branding for anything new you might need: a sub-brand, course, event, podcast, product line, seasonal offers, etc.
  • Know how to customize any template with your new branding.
  • Feel totally badass in your brand.
  • ​Have the confidence to push your product/service/message into the world knowing more people will perk up because it LOOKS FREAKIN' AMAZING.
  • ​Actually feel EXCITED about your branding.
  • ​Feel the need to get up and dance! (Directly related? No. But you'll totally want to dance.)

So, what's all included?!

Your Emotional Brand Training

value: $47

Your Verbal Brand

value: $47

Your Visual Brand

value: $97

Choosing Brand Colors & Fonts Training

value: $97

Finding & Customizing Templates Training

value: $57

22-Page Guide + Workbook

value: $37

plus these BONUSES!!

Your Brand on Instagram

value: $47

Brand Elements & Patterns Training

value: $37

Canva Brand Design + Kit Templates

value: $27

Total Value: $493

Your Price Today: $47

PLUS! Get access to my Facebook group
where you can get valuable feedback!


  • How long do I have access to the course?
    You have LIFETIME access. Log in anytime!
  • ​I have ZERO design experience. Can this really help me?
    Absolutely! I break it all down so that ANYONE can create a badass brand! You don’t need any design experience!
  • ​What if I don't have "an eye for this stuff" or I'm not a visual person?
    You don’t need to! Seriously, it’s about matching your brand to your business & you don’t need an eye for that! I teach you the framework to match your brand to your business, so it's really just about matching! (But if you are notorious for your bad visual choices, then just run your branding by a friend that has more of an eye and then finalize! Easy! You can also come into my FREE Facebook group and ask for feedback!
  • ​Is there a place for me to get feedback?
    Yes!! I have an awesome Facebook group all about creating your badass brand! You are invited to join & share what you’re working on! Although I can’t always get to everyone’s post individually (but I do my best!) there are so many amazing people in there who are also working on their brands ready to give feedback!
  • I'm actually a designer! Is this too basic for me?
    Welcome! My guess is that, if you’re here, something is getting in your way of creating your badass brand. Maybe it’s that you can’t stop futzing because of your badass design skills, or you can’t figure out what’s RIGHT. Or maybe you need a little help with your Instagram or knowing how things should show up in your brand! If any of those sound like you, this course can definitely help!

Anyone who wants to create a color palette & font scheme for ANYTHING.
Anyone starting a business.
Anyone who can't stop tinkering with their branding.
Anyone who wants a repeatable method to defining fonts & colors.
Anyone looking to infuse their branding into Instagram.

This course will help you design branding around just about anything including:

  • Product-based businesses
  • Service-based businesses
  • Course creators
  • ​Bloggers
  • ​Realtors
  • ​Photographers
  • ​Events & event planners
  • Bakers
  • ​Restaurants
  • ​Beauty Supplies
  • ​Coaches
  • ​Consultants
  • ​Non-profit organizations
  • ​& more!

About 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand...

About a similar course just for photographers that lead to this course...

Ok, how does this work?

1. Click any of the buttons to purchase!
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3. Get INSTANT & LIFETIME access to 90-Minutes to a Badass Brand!
4. Whenever there are updates, your course will be automatically updated!

Imagine This...

Monday is coming, right?

 What do you want to be different about this coming Monday & all future Mondays than LAST Monday & all the ones before it? 

You could have YOUR BADASS BRAND ready to rock
And be ready to create any badass brand you may need in the future.

Imagine if you woke up Monday morning, ready to rock with your color palette & fonts? 

Ready to plaster that gorgeous consistency on everything that your brand touched? Wow! And how would potential clients feel every time they came into contact with a different piece of your brand? They’d see that consistency, see that professionalism, know each piece was undeniably YOUR BRAND and be that much closer to doing business with you. 


Start creating your badass brand TODAY & stop wasting time!

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